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My Experience with COVID-19

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

I was tested positive last week for COVID. Immediately I went on water fast, complete rest, sun bath, and pranayama, just for 2 days.

Day 1: Had a bad headache, very bad body ache, mild fever, terrible tiredness and intolerable chills. No other symptoms of throat infection, cold, cough or respiratory issues...

Day 2: So much better except for fever and lot of tiredness...

Day 3: Almost normal, and on tender coconut water...

Day 4: Absolutely back to normal, on tender coconut water...

Day 5: Back to our usual holistic diet

If we are healthy, it just passes off as any other flu and nothing to be scared of. Not just COVID, but it's variants and many more which might come. This is not going to end soon, we need to equip our bodies.

This is not just my story, I have heard hundreds of similar accounts in the Nature Cure Community. Now I am naturally vaccinated without compromising on my body's natural, innate, broad spectrum immune responses.

(NOTE: This above shared protocol is only for people who are healthy. Do not try on your own without the guidance of an expert Naturopath, if unhealthy.)

This is the way we dealt with viral infections traditionally (of course COVID could be more severe). When people got chicken pox or measles etc, nobody would panic. They trusted and accepted it as some Goddess’s will, prayed, isolated the person, put neem leaves around, gave only tender coconut water (or may be strict patya - therapeutic diet), fresh air and sunlight. The child/ person would get back to health in a week or 10 days and is now naturally vaccinated, for life!!

Finally it boils down to how healthy we are. We can't build health in an emergency, needs to be built over months/years of right eating and living. Right eating and living is the only powerful tool, at our disposal. Let’s become responsible for our health. Let’s learn to - Be Healthy.

Data from WHO says, “Older people and those with underlying medical conditions like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic respiratory disease, or cancer are more likely to develop serious illness due to COVID.”

NOTE: I am not trying to go for or against any social norms prescribed.

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