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Cooks Rule! Your Health in Their Hands

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

When it comes to health, cooks need to be the most educated lot!

We are all so careful about what choices we make when it comes to our life experiences. We always choose the best in everything we do. We go through our options with extreme caution, check for feedback and reviews, spend a lot of time researching, and invest only in the best brands and items, and also happily take pride in the price we pay! We hire the most qualified and capable people to run our businesses. And even with doctors - we seem to choose the best available, with the highest qualifications, longest experience, and greatest specialties!

Sadly, when it comes to food and its preparation, which is so important and life-giving, we give it the least thought!

We seem to do everything we can to get our food ingredients and fresh produce at an even more discounted price. It is evident that in the huge rush, we try and see if something is being sold at a few rupees even lesser than the market rate. We are no longer bothered about quality, as long as what we want is available at a better rate. On the other hand, when it comes to naturally grown toxin/ chemical-free foods, we think twice due to the higher cost. We consider them as expenditure instead of understanding their cost as a long-term investment on health.

We hire cooks who have no knowledge of what is healthy or unhealthy, and put our health - and in turn, our precious lives - in their hands. All they know is how to make the food tasty by increasing the 'wrong' ingredients - like fats, sugar, and salt. They seem to pick all those ingredients that are refined (without fibre and nutrients), leading to diseases in the whole family. We probably need qualified holistic nutritionists doing this Most Important job because they are replacing our perfectly trained mothers and grandmothers who cooked our food with lot of love and care. I always insist that the person who cooks for the family be present during my personal consultations, without which the whole purpose of everyone's effort is lost, and the process is a waste.

While we continue to consume 'wrong' foods despite disturbing evidence, self-suffering experiences, and the growing number of diseases, we invest our precious time, money, and effort in doctors, drugs, dieticians, and health insurance! Instead, we need to invest the same time, money, and effort... in healthy eating, and right living! ...before it is too late.

We are in a pandemic of lifestyle diseases. The choice is ours!

Edited by: Ms. Savitha Reddy

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