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How we fuel our bodies affects how we feel. If you are passionate and serious about healing naturally, rather than counting calories or obsessing over labels and ingredients, it's time to adopt a new way of life. Understand “why” a disease occurred, and “how” you can alter lifestyle to resolve it. No shortcuts. No quick fixes. Eat right and live right. Holistic Health & Natural Hygiene showcase some of the healthiest things you can do - to create a favourable environment for disease prevention and reversal inside your body. 

With YOU in the captain’s seat, toxic self-criticism, bad judgments, and confusing advice can be cast aside! Elements of nature can enhance mood and set body chemistry right. Utilize them. Seek a path of self-love. Honour your innate wisdom. Start the journey with me and unravel that wellspring of mindfulness within.

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This is not about what I preach. It's about what I practice in my personal life, everyday… With a single-minded mission of supporting people to get healthy, I have evolved a mix of nutrition science and ancient dietary wisdom going back 5,000 years. Timeless truths, published facts, undeniable statistics, personal experiences, learning and unlearning ...can enable you to restore your well-being starting now. 

Since food and body work in synergy, we must take the “Holistic” approach. If you want to help yourself, or make a difference to others, then this space is for you! You could be a health-conscious person from any age group or background - perhaps a student, a cancer warrior, a consultant, an Ayurved or an Allopath, or someone from any other profession!

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  • The Obese, Underweight or Unwell to be self-equipped to reverse their issues

  • Homemakers & Caregivers to shatter myths, make informed choices for their families, ...and save on medical bills for life

  • Yoga Therapists/ Instructors & Superfood Specialists to add the
    knowledge of “good” foods to the great work they already do!

  • Physiotherapists to explore foods that help muscular movement and healing, and relax the nervous system

  • Naturopaths to leverage traditional Nature Cure, along with modern medical nutrition

  • Doctors, Nurses, & Clinicians to adopt a culture of prescribing diets instead of just drugs, and treat the "root" causes of disease

  • Vegans to appreciate holistic, natural and unprocessed diets rather than blindly removing animal foods from them!

  • Beauty & Fitness Professionals to merge nutrition counseling, with therapies and yogic tradition for amazing outcomes

  • And anyone with the will to take a leap of faith in themselves!

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