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O Please feel free to Mail me at: Maitri, House No. 650, 3rd Block, 4th Cross, 100 Feet Road, Koramangala, Bengaluru -  560034. Karnataka.
+ You could also eMail me at

I Or send me a WhatsApp message on +91 94480 30490 (chat only)


  1. This policy is applicable as of the launch of this website on 01 August 2021, and attests to my commitment to privacy.

  2. Appropriate collection, usage, and confidentiality of any information individuals share with me in my role as a practitioner of Holistic Health & Nutrition, Natural Hygiene, and Yoga Philosophy is important to me. It will stay exclusively with me. Any intern, or those who manage this website for me will honour this rule. 

  3. This policy applies to all information in my possession and control, about individuals, related to their physical, mental, or personal health, and any recommendation or advice I provide to them.

  4. I collect only the information that is relevant to the support I offer the individuals and groups I support with my services. It is collected by fair and lawful means. 

  5. An individual or group's consent is implied when they consent to a professional interaction or engagement with me, be it via a Certification Course, Internship, Personal Coaching, or any other event or activity that they both participate in, and one which is designed and facilitated by me.

  6. Under no circumstances will I sell client lists or other personal information to third parties.

  7. This information is collected with the intention of providing tailor-made counselling and training on Holistic Health, Natural Hygiene or Yoga Philosophy; and to build a repository of experiential learning for myself and those I teach.

  8. Should this information be used to help fellow practitioners, or other individuals or groups - in the form of case studies or recommendations viz disease management or reversal, or as examples of breakthroughs in Holistic Health, Natural Hygiene or Yoga Philosophy - I will ensure that the names of individuals are kept strictly confidential throughout - and that the information is shared only to the extent necessary to allow me to provide support to those I interact with professionally.


  1. Anyone using information in the public domain on this website understands that I am not liable or responsible for any decision made or action taken that is based on it - whether this is done by them or anyone other than.I might send my clients mails or messages for future events. To stop receiving any communication, they can type “Unsubscribe” in a reply to me, and I will process their request within 7 days.

    ~ Bookings are "complete" once payments are confirmed. In case you are unable pay online, please do a Bank Transfer of the amount to the following account: Bank & Branch: HDFC Bank, Koramangala Extn, Bengaluru - 34 (IFSC Code: HDFC0003780); Account Holder’s Name: Nagashree R Shankar; Account Details: Savings Account No. 50100274900921. Remember to send me a screenshot of transfer completion.
    ~ Personal Coaching:
    This is a Program of Total 5 Sessions which must be booked in advance. For ease of payment, a client may book FIRST THREE sessions to begin with, and book the LAST TWO sessions BEFORE their second session starts. 

    ~ Personal Coaching: To reschedule an appointment, a client must inform me more than 48 hours BEFORE to the start of the appointment they have booked. In case I reschedule, I will connect with the client beforehand as well. 
    ~ Certification Course: To transfer to the next batch - whenever it is planned and announced - a client must inform me more than 48 hours BEFORE to the start of the FIRST session of the batch they have joined. In case the batch is overbooked, I will connect with the client beforehand.


  4. CANCELLATION POLICY: Please read very carefully before completing a booking.
    ~ Time blocked by a client and then cancelled... renders the slot inaccessible to others. Cancellations cause a great deal of inconvenience.
    I sincerely request you to reconsider and reschedule instead of giving up or postponing the opportunity to transform your life for the better.

    ~ Personal Coaching: In case a client cancels a session MORE than 48 hours BEFORE the start of the session, with NO rescheduling, 90% charges may be refunded. In case of cancellation LESS than 48 hours before to a session, with NO rescheduling, 30% charges for THAT session (INR 1,500/-) may be refunded; 90% charges for SUBSEQUENT sessions may also be refunded.
    ~ Certification Course: In case a client cancels a session MORE than 48 hours BEFORE the start of the FIRST session, with NO rescheduling, 90% charges for the Course may be refunded. In case of cancellation LESS than 48 hours before to ANY session, with NO rescheduling, 

    30% charges for the THAT session (Rs.500/-) may be refunded; plus 90% charges for SUBSEQUENT sessions may also be refunded, and there will be NO refund for sessions already attended.

  5. FREE SESSION: I offer a single free session as part of Personal Coaching as an exception for those who are financially challenged. To request such a session, a client may WhatsApp me to schedule. 

  6. HOLISTIC NUTRITION & HEALTH CERTIFICATION COURSE POLICY: Three Conditions must be met for a participant to complete Certification. The participant must:
    i. Attend every session; ii. Be actively involved in each session; iii. Share every meal plate as instructed throughout the duration of the course.

    NOTE: In case you miss a session, please WhatsApp me - preferably BEFORE rather than after - to understand Next Steps for you.

  7. No repayment once paid. Can be transferred to any other person or they can attend the next batch(no confirmed dates yet)

DISCLAIMER: I am not a medical practitioner. I do not give medical advice to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. All clients, current and prospective are strongly advised to consult their doctor(s) before making lifestyle changes or utilizing any information provided on this website or in any interaction with me. I do not take any responsibility whatsoever for the research findings of other practitioners, that I may refer to in the course of my interactions with individuals or groups. 


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