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Heal Thyself is a Personal Coaching intervention, designed to empower you through 5 Individual Consultation sessions. To help you cultivate a habit of consuming Whole Plant Based Foods, we will discuss “whys” and “whats” in every 1-hour session. Between sessions, I will personally hand-hold you via WhatsApp. Besides monitoring your daily meals and snacks, I will coach you to implement concepts you learn during our interactions. We will work together towards a practical and sustainable routine for you. As you feed your body an abundance of micronutrients from natural unrefined food sources, and support it with all-natural therapies, you will aid healing. And your need for medicines will diminish, or even disappear.


Fed up of tackling one health issue after another? Can’t remember what
it's like to be disease-free? Begin now. But be clear about the commitment involved... Are you ready to take charge of your health? Can you make time to look into your nutrition needs? Are you are willing to invest effort? Do you believe that you alone are responsible for your health? Do you want to focus on getting healthy - not just losing weight? If Yes, then reach out to me on WhatsApp or ask someone who has worked with me to refer you; book an appointment; and - if you don't do the cooking at home yourself - invite the person who does!


Note: Any information you share stays exclusively with me. I might send you mails or messages for future events. To stop receiving any communication, please type “Unsubscribe” in a reply to me, and I will process your request within 7 days.

  1. Submit the Self-Disclosure Formand share the current status of your health and what you are seeking. 

  2. Block an open slot every week for 5 weeks consecutively on my Calendar, and pay (online) a Consultation Fee of Rs.5,000/- per session. (This covers a 1-hour Counselling Session and 1 week of WhatsApp Coaching)

  3. WhatsApp me a screenshot of your bookings and payment confirmations with your name mentioned clearly.

Free Session: As an exception, I offer a single free session to those who are financially challenged. A brief guidance on healing principles and the benefits of natural healing despite constraints. Feel free to Whatsapp me to book this.

NOTE: Read the Booking & Cancellation Policies carefully before scheduling.
Consultation Fee is non-transferable. To reschedule, do inform me at least 48 hours before the start of your appointment. In case I reschedule, I will connect with you beforehand.

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