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What is Holistic Nutrition?
It is the science of living, and eating, with physical, mental, emotional,
and spiritual well being.

What is the Holistic Nutrition & Health Certification Course about?
It aims to provide you with an understanding of What, Why, & How to eat, and live - to raise health and erase disease. It will also gives you practical tipsfor daily life, so that you can reach your health goals.

Is it only for professionals? Do I need any prerequisite qualifications?
No. Anyone who wants to gain health, and live a disease-free life can join the course, and learn how to eat and live for better health.

How can a common person benefit from this workshop?
This course has lessons for life for everyone. Understand how to eat and cook right; how to buy the right food and ingredients; when to eat; and why to alter eating habits or lifestyle. And adapt natural therapies to achieve the best of health.

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Will study material and session recordings of the course be available?

As this is proprietary knowledge, I cannot provide recordings of the course. But in case you miss a session, you can attend the same session in the next batch. Important presentation slides will be provided to all participants.

Which certification will be granted after the course?

It will be a Certificate of Participation.


‘Heal Thyself’ Personal Coaching sessions are for people of all ages / locations. Are they unsuitable for anyone?

The program is unsuitable for those wanting a 'quick fix' short-term solution for health concerns, and those focused squarely on weight loss. Vibrant health and well-being requires daily practice.


What kind of meals and snacks can I expect?

You will nourish your body with home-cooked meals you have come to love since childhood, with some modifications. The dishes will be natural, unrefined, whole-foods that come from plants.

It sounds quite difficult. Does this diet follow strict portion control? I cannot tolerate hunger. What if I have cravings?!

No counting calories or defining quantities in my program! You will enjoy wholesome food to your heart’s content. I will not recommend that you restrict the quantity of the right food. I will also give you the right tools, and coach you to adopt the right eating habits and patterns. Thousands of clients have been able to do it successfully and consistently. As long as you can commit and dedicate some time and effort, it is achievable.


I am in good health and enjoy an active lifestyle. I would like
to just learn some techniques to improve my health and fitness levels. Do I need all 5 sessions?

Heal Thyself is an intervention comprising a package of all 5 sessions to make a significant and lasting impact. Read the Booking Policy carefully for more details. I do offer stand-alone sessions as an exception, based on an individual’s goals and needs.


I would like to understand how I can achieve good health and reverse disease, but I cannot afford the fees. What do I do?

I provide a single 1-hour session free of charge for those who may be financially challenged. WhatsApp me on +91 94480 30490 to request an appointment.

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