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If you trust and believe in Nature Cure... If you have the time to transition to good food and lifestyle habits... Then all you need are the tools to discern between foods that support health, and those that threaten it.

I invite you to a Certification Course called Holistic Nutrition & Health  to make a radical shift towards nature. A Masterclass on protocols to help your body correct anomalies. 20 hours of learning, and unlearning, spread over 9 sessions in 3 weeks. Easy-to-follow visuals and simple explanations and . Effortless for those with no scientific background.
Put advanced nutrition research, and eye-opening truths to test, in the comfort of your home. And integrate a new habit into your daily routine with each assignment.

  • Bust myths about Food, Health, and Disease.

  • Listen to your body, and how it reacts to food.

  • Transition to whole plant foods.

  • Eliminate allunhealthy options.

  • Reset your palate with a dynamic grocery list.

  • Cultivate inner balance.

  • Restore calm with deep, re-energizing sleep.

  • Feel happier, healthier, lighter.

  • Break the rut with nutrition-boosting cooking techniques.

  • Simplify the puzzle of lifestyle disorders.

  • Ward off disease and drugs.

  • Create your own roadmapto recovery.

  • Support local organic sustainable growth.

  • See what it is like to eat well and live vibrantly!

  • And, in case you missed it… Feel Happier!

Feel free to Whatsapp me to confirm your interest in attending the next batch. Read the Certification & Cancellation Policies carefully before booking. 

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